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Have you ever been in a situation where someone is better at something that you and you suddenly feel intimidated? This has happened to me quite a few times in my life. A recent example is a partner at work who is head and shoulders a better negotiator at business than I am. This week a situation arose where I needed his help and had to ask for his assistance, which he gave and save me a huge potential headache.

There are a few responses we can have to those people. We can hate them. We can work to crush them. We can pretend to not notice them and how great they are at what they do. We can try to ignore them. We can work to compete, get better at what we do. I think all along the way to personal success is a series of choices we make within these situations. Ultimately, we have the chance to grow and not stay stinted in our life’s progression.

I was reading a story to my girls tonight about how community is wrapped within the ethos of our view of the world. There is a few of the God which is unity and diversity within the same being; meaning, God can be unified and distinct within the oneness. This concept of plurality within singularity makes up much of the world and common society we live in. Much of what we believe and know is wrapped in the oneness we face together despite our differences.

My point is that we are better off understanding our weaknesses than letting them go as unimportant. We can, and should, work to overcome them. BUT there are also the moments were we can lean on the advice and help of others around us. Within this moment and movement the spirit calls to take our personhood to a new level of spiritual and entrepreneurial integrity.

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