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Origins Story

Talking with my kids tonight about origin stories, myths, the beginning of things. I’m lucky in that my kids eat up knowledge. A little context, a bit of story and they sit discussing the latest film, YA novel, and screen play for hours. Tonight we talked about context and the book of Genesis. Did you know that the book of Genesis is not the first original myth story in the history of the universe? It actually came quite late for it’s time.

Because of this it is important not to just look at what Genesis says about the origins of myth, but how exactly it says it different than the other myths around this same time. What I mean by this is that the context of a book, story, film, or work of art is the texture that makes or breaks the story. Without context, it’s all just words on a page. With context, the word become alive and wrap around your soul squeezing life into it with every grasp.

Not sure where you land on all this, but keep in mind that this is the same with your story and mine. Until people know our context, they merely know the surface shell of who we are. It’s not until we are able to crack the surface of our personality that we see our true character shine through. So who ever you are, whatever you are doing; find those closest to you and press into their story until their context becomes your context, and vise-versa.

AB 8/27/18

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