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Chaos to Form

I can’t get over the image of dark chaos to formed matter. It’s probably more a movement than an image. There is this story I am reading my kids where the deity at the beginning of creation is surrounded by chaos and darkness. Out of this chaos and darkness the deity builds form, rhythm, function, and time; in turn, out of these elements and formed matter the world is created. Whether it’s seven days of billions of years, this is a foundational story for many people and cultures.

What I find fascinating with this story is the entrepreneurial character of the deity. Entrepreneurs look at something that is not there and vision/will it into being. Entrepreneurs stay up late at night making sure their project is moving forward and on track. Entrepreneurs put in overtime hours long after the other colleagues have gone home. The image I have of the deity is one who is a creative entrepreneur making things out of nothing.

Speaking of out of nothing, here is the take away I want to remember forever. Most of our lives resemble chaos, rather than form. This is because most people live with a great deal of chaos and even those who haven’t remember a time when they or someone they were close to had a chaos experience. Your life is a movement from chaos to form. This is the movement of the deity. This is the movement of your soul. This is the movement of your next day tomorrow.

May you follow and be lead to the path to take you from chaos to form.

AB 8/28/18

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