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Rafter Shot

Prayers of Work & Glory

Prayers of Work and Glory Songs in the Night Maybe it’s time, to bring in the day. The silent whispering we hear, each to his own, or her trial, on […]

Active Rest

Active Rest

I took a walk with one of my co-workers today. I took him through my usual brand walk. We walk up Alder to the Ace Hotel, past Wild Fang, Tender […]

Forest Park Portland Oregon

Chaos to Form

I can’t get over the image of dark chaos to formed matter. It’s probably more a movement than an image. There is this story I am reading my kids where […]

CH Growlers in Forest Park-2

Origins Story

Talking with my kids tonight about origin stories, myths, the beginning of things. I’m lucky in that my kids eat up knowledge. A little context, a bit of story and […]