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Coopers Hall Tyler Negroni Social

Power & Light Co

Power and Light Co. We live in a time where entrepreneurs have an open market to create, build, and make their company into existence. What is your project? What is […]

Active Rest

Active Rest

I took a walk with one of my co-workers today. I took him through my usual brand walk. We walk up Alder to the Ace Hotel, past Wild Fang, Tender […]

Forest Park Portland Oregon

Chaos to Form

I can’t get over the image of dark chaos to formed matter. It’s probably more a movement than an image. There is this story I am reading my kids where […]

CH Growlers in Forest Park-2

Origins Story

Talking with my kids tonight about origin stories, myths, the beginning of things. I’m lucky in that my kids eat up knowledge. A little context, a bit of story and […]