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Art and ideas shape how we see the world and our place in it. These are the driving forces behind how we interact with brands and build relationships in the consumer world.

It is important for us to follow and do business with brands that align with our values.

We want to be a part of something that is making a difference in the world as much as changing the landscape of the brands and companies we participate with.

Personally, I pursue this by reclaiming wood from businesses in Portland, OR. I turn these pieces of wood into projects, ideas, art that make a difference. I want to inspire creativity and passion with every piece I make.

Current collection - Stark & Steel Series - designed from the crosshatch lines of the Steel Bridge and built out of materials reclaimed from a house near SE Stark St. I am inspired by street art, modern art. I want these reclaimed pieces to tell the stories of urban cites, buildings using lines, colors, and textures. I want the history of the wood to come through in the art. I want images I paint to tell their own story on the wood.  I rework them and turn them into something you would welcome back into your space.

The Woodsman Shop is my passion for building a brand that makes a difference.


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