Active Rest

Active Rest

I took a walk with one of my co-workers today. I took him through my usual brand walk. We walk up Alder to the Ace Hotel, past Wild Fang, Tender Loving Heart, Rebels and Heroes, Polar, & Chrome. In the Ace Hotel is Pepe Le Moko, Clyde Commons, and Stumptown Coffee; when you cross the street you can walk through Union Way shopping center, I like to check on the Danner Boots store to glance at what’s new. We then walk past Powells Book Store, walking past Icebreaker and toward Anthropologie, Free People, Starbucks, Peets, Whole Foods, and more.

It’s a walk of a whole slew of brands that make up our (my) everyday life. In many ways, I live for brands. I love to see how they function. I want to see what’s new in their product like. I like to smell and feel the beauty and design of their stores. Brick and mortar can be so much more than just a storefront if you take the time to do it right. It’s fascinating to me how many of these products are readily formed relationships with our everyday lives.

Tonight I was talking with the girls about the sabbath and how God rested from the deities’ work creating the universe. It says that on the seventh day the deity rested from their work. The connection I would like to make here is that God’s rest is an active rest enjoying their creation. So we as humans following the image of the God and enjoy an active rest of our sabbath. All of these brands – the hotel, the restaurants and bars, the coffeehouses, clothing companies, book store, outdoor stores – are built to be the niche of creativity enjoying one’s rest time after working.

We have built entire industries to help us enjoy the sabbath, as an active rest.

AB 8/29/18

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